Hate fuck because I was bitchy while banging

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Something so derogatory has never happened to me during sex!!! Unbelievable what he said to me during the fuck and the fact that he covered my face just so he wouldn’t have to look at me while he was pounding his hard cock into me was just disgusting!!! Of course I have to admit that I was super bitchy during this sex today. I didn’t like one position, my skin pinched in the other and somehow he couldn’t really please me in any other way. Laughing at him at the beginning might not have been okay, but for me it was the single funniest part of this video shoot. So in the end I was just a bitch who spread her legs, but that was it. My petulant nature and moody looks eventually pissed my darling off so much that the planned girlfriend sex turned into a hate fuck that only served to satisfy him. He used me like a mattress, slid over my body as he pleased and at the end pumped his sperm into my face without me having any desire. Honey, you’ll get that back sooner or later!!!


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